Freelance Freedom: Starting a Freelance Business, Succeeding at Self-Employment, and Happily Being Your Own Boss

Freelance Freedom, Edition 1.0, 2013, L.A. Mulnix, 124 pages

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Edward Adams

Author Edward Adams comes from a family of freelancers. His father at times worked solo as a carpenter, doing small remodeling jobs. His mother for a while had a furniture stripping and refinishing service. His sister worked as a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant.

Edward Adams has run several freelance businesses over the years. While still living at home, he did furniture repair using his father's old tools in the shop space above his mother's business. In college he did freelance mapmaking, illustrating books published by Alfred A. Knopf, Facts on File Publications, and other publishers.

Adams's love of travel and adventure first led him, just out of high school in 1974, to hike the Appalachian Trail, all 2,100 miles of it. Another summer he bicycled through New England, and later he took a semester off from college to bicycle through the British Isles. Another summer while in college he lived in a fire tower cabin atop a mountain in northern Pennsylvania.

But then came the necessity of work, and he was stuck with two weeks' vacation—hardly enough time for an adventure. By 1993 he could take it no longer, so he quit his job, put his stuff in storage, and went to Costa Rica to learn Spanish. He made great friends, traveled to volcanoes, rainforests, and beaches, and became reasonably fluent—but after seven months, the money ran out, and he had to head back to the States.

Finding a job was tough, but finally he was back to the nine-to-five—and hating it. Isn't there some way, he thought, to make money but still be free to travel and do interesting things? And then the Internet came around, and it was clear: He could work online as a freelance editor. In 1996 he quit his job and went freelance, and today he has the freedom to work from anywhere, set his own schedule, and still make a good living.

In Freelance Freedom, Adams aims to help others find similar freedom working as a freelancer—that is, working solo, working from home (or anywhere), and providing a service. Frustrated with the fluff of most how-to books, he wrote his book to be clear and concise and provide the essential information anyone needs to start and run a freelance business.

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"Freelance Freedom—I like this book by Edward Adams very much. Having set up my own freelance editing business, I can relate to everything he mentions in his book. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going freelance. It has everything you need to be aware of: the positives and negatives, market research and choosing your market, business plan, choosing a name, expenses, pricing, and many other things you will probably come up against. Get yourself a copy!"

—Kerin Freeman